Eyelash conditioner


Eyelash Conditioner rebuilds damaged eyebrows and eyelashes. It nourishes the lashes, so they grow long and stronger. The package lasts longer than a monthly treatment. Good cosmetics for eyelashes have adequate consistency, quick results, a form of a brush applicator, lack of irritation and allergies – this conditioner meets all these expectations.

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Max Factor

The latest upgrade of the brush - Volume IFX - lengthens and thickens the lashes. Mascara does not get dusted and persistently keeps on lashes all day long. Brush separates the lashes precisely. Fans of traditional brushes will experience a little change in the technique of applying the mascara, but it is worth it! It precisely underlines the inner corner of the eye, maximizes external lashes.

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Face fluid

Estee Lauder

Long-lasting mattifying fluid. Powders gently, does not create an effect of a mask. Not recommended for people with dry complexion. Matt effect persists long enough that there is no need to use powder after application. Facial cosmetics has one disadvantage - you need much of it. This fluid can surprise you!

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Compact foundation


Contains antioxidants and sunscreens. The complexion, unfortunately, does not remain matt as long as a every woman would like it too. As for the powder compact, very nicely conceals and evens skin tone. Good for people with no major skin problems.

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Make-up base


Silicone base smoothing imperfections. Cosmetics based on silicone should be applied after absorption the cream, and before the application of fluid. Then the base will meet all expectations. It improves fluid action. Mattes well. The facial skin is soft when you touch it.

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Eye pencil


Pencil with shiny reflections. Soft, unscrewed so you do not need to temper it. Consistency allows the imposition of a cosmetic using one motion. Ideal for people in a hurry. So functional that it can be used as eye shadow after proper trituration.

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Eye shadow


A complete color palette of glitter, pearlescent, iridescent or matte colors. You just need to spread it on the eyelid or do a bit of blending to achieve the desired color. Freedom of the composition is a big plus. Usually the cosmetics are set in a specific range of colors.

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Gentle lipstick with professional pigmentation. Intense colors for bold women. Velvety texture and enchanting shades. Color Cosmetics by MAC have dominated the shelves of well-known make-up artists and women who want to emphasize their beauty for ages.

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Durable and fat-free cheek blush. Pressed cosmetic in shades from coral to red. Blushes are arranged in an elegant mirrored box. Design of boxes is uncommon, as well as the properties of the blush. Cosmetic stays on all day or all night.

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  • Princess

    I looked through ranking solidly and I must say that I agree with some positions (75% is fine). It is a pity that so few items in each list are presented, because there are so many cosmetics.

  • Dorothy

    I’ve never seen such a ranking in which Avon would have 1st place anywhere. Good it’s just eyeliner, because if it was a fluid, it would roughly be clarified in here!

  • Julie 1982

    Ajj … I know all these cosmetics as well and appreciate them very much. But seriously wibo base is that good? Well, maybe it deserves a 3rd place in the category, but not the first for this my choice of bases is DAX. Greetings!

  • Maggie ;)

    Lipstick by MAc is my dream. I always try to save a zloty, but then unexpected expenses appear, and ultimately I have no chance to invest in my vanity 🙁 Ehh. ..

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