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Make-up fluid


Estee Lauder

Estee Lauder, Double Wear, Stay-in-Place Makeup SPF 10

Long-lasting mattyfying make-up fluid. It delicately powders the face and doesn’t cause the mask effect. It is not recommended for people with dry skin. There is no need to put additional powder.



Manhattan, Powder Mat Make Up

Mousse consistency powder. It remains on the face for long time and doesn’t make smudges. It is recommended for people with mixed skin. It equalizes the face colouration well.



Rimmel, Wake Me Up Make Up Foundation

Light fluid with glossy flecks. It is recommended for face without problems. It provides pleasant brightening. It is advisable to be careful while using during a day, because it easily erases.


Yves Rocher

Yves Rocher, Teint Fluide Zero Default

It contains protecting phytopigments which don’t mess the clothes. It provides nice face colouration, but it doesn’t cover so well as it should to cover. It is especially recommended for the face with slight imperfections.



Vichy, Dermablend Corrective Foundation SPF 11

Great amount of fluid causes consistent face coverage. It remains on the face for long time, but the price is very high. Too small amount of shades.



Bourjois, 123 Perfect Foundation

The fluid with pigments correcting face. It remains the whole day after application and doesn’t grease the face. It is recommended for women with oily face. The face looks sateenly.



Essence, Soft Touch Mousse Make-up

Mousse consistency fluid. It covers face imperfections without mask effect. It provides powder edging. It can plug the pores and be hard in application.



Avon, Calming Effect Illuminating Foundation

The fluid moisturizes face and it is easy to spread. It is rather a light base for the summer. It doesn’t cover imperfections in a satisfactory way.



Inglot, YSM, Cream Foundation

The make-up base which perfectly adjusts to the face. It is easy to spread and doesn’t make smudges. It mattifies face in a natural way. Some people claim it can cover the face in a non-satisfactory way.



Revlon, PhotoReady Makeup

It brightens face and makes it smoother. It perfectly covers imperfection on the face. It is too thick and because of that can be hard to spread it. It can also make smudges.



Astor, Mattitude 16h

The fluid with cotton which absorbs the excessive sebum. It contains the technology which narrows pores. This cosmetic may be too heavy for sensitive skin.


Max Factor

Max Factor, Lasting Performance Make-Up

A light fluid which remains on the face the whole day. It mattifies face well. The shade should be adjusted to the colouration, because the base gets darker during the day.



Maybelline, Affinitone Perfecting & Protecting Fundation with Vitamin E

Vitamin E which is included in this fluid moisturizes face very well. It covers imperfections and unifies the skin, especially when there are some red spots on it.



Lirene Dermoprogram, Complete Coverage Foundation

It has covering, moisturizing and smoothening effect. In addition, it elasticates face. A low price is a big advantage of this product. Without prior application of a cream it can be hard to spread.