• Camille

    I would disagree about many positions from the list. Oriflame cosmetics have got worse a lot recently. Mavala? What’s that? Unfortunately, there is no my no. 1 here. But I have heard a lot of good opinions about the conditioner which is at the top of the list.

  • Joanne

    What a shame there are no prices. I heard that sometimes some cosmetics are so expensive without any difference in composition in comparison to the cheaper ones.

  • Honey

    Unfortunately, I got a dud with the Fag. I fell for “the sale”- the eyelash conditioner cost only 40 zlotych and I walked into it.

  • Anne

    Quite reliable ranking. I will often visit this site. 😉

  • Eva

    Super site!!!

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Best eyelash conditioner



Everett Cosmetics, Nanolash Eyelash Conditioner

Nanolash eyelash conditioner is a novelty on the Polish cosmetics market, although the US has done an outstanding career. It provides quite fast and most importantly, long-term growth of our eyelashes, without irritating or sensitizing. Well nourish and darken the hair follicles. Noteworthy not only efficacy but also its packaging made ​​from the highest quality materials ensuring comfort and pleasure during use. The first results can be seen after 3-4 weeks of use. Adequate price for the quality though it could be even lower.

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Everett Cosmetics, Lashcode Eyelash Conditioner

Lashcode lash conditioner provides much-needed aid to thin, short and sparse eyelashes. This beauty product receives many positive reviews both from its users and the professionals working in the cosmetic industry. Lashcode rapidly speeds up lash growth, stimulates lash self-repair processes, nourishes, moisturizes and leaves eyelashes stronger. And these effects could not be possible if it was not for the finest ingredients used for creating Lashcode: plant extracts, arginine, peptides and the substances responsible for stimulating the natural lash growth cycle. It can be said that Lashcode equals visibly longer, voluminous and absolutely stunning eyelashes. The first effects of regular Lashcode use are noticeable after 3-4 weeks, however, the full treatment may last up to six months. This serum is available in one size – 5 ml – which ensures long months of continuous use. Its price is competitive.



Artdeco, Lash Growth Activator

Applicator in the form of a thick brush, separates the eyelashes very well, but it doesn’t enable to apply this cosmetic at the root of the eyelash. That’s why the effects of applying it are very poor (if they are visible at all). It slightly darkens the eyelashes. The eyes may prick for a moment after applying it. This conditioner isn’t very effective, it clouds quickly probably losing its properties.



Eveline, Advance Volumiere, Concentrated eyelash serum 3 in 1

Eyelash conditioner and mascara in one cosmetic. Unfortunately, it isn’t a good base for the eye make-up. If we apply make-up after conditioner it will crumble during the day and it won’t remain on the eye to the evening. Proteins and hyaluronic acid restore the eyelashes and moisturize them. It energizes, bats and styles the eyelashes. The consistency isn’t very fluid, the cosmetic rolls down to the eyes quickly. The conditioner usually doesn’t get dry. It is cheap and it doesn’t irritate.



L`Biotica, Energizing eyelash cream

The cream based on natural components is supposed to energize eyelashes. The eyelashes after the treatment will be more flexible but the length and thickness won’t change. Very fine, even for people with sensitive eyes. It helps when the eyelashes are falling out. The cream is very oily, so one can feel the discomfort. In addition, when the conditioner is applied for the night, it can glue the eyelashes.



Mavala, Double-Lash

The eyelash conditioner in the form of oil. It energizes the eyelashes, especially after applying mascara or imprecise make-up. We have to wait for the improvement, but according to the opinions, it rarely happens. The eyelash conditioner greases eyelashes and glues them, so after getting dry they should be separated- this way we remove all conditioner from the eyelashes.


Miss Sporty

Miss Sporty, Just Clear Mascara

The conditioner has a gel consistency. It provides a nice gloss on eyebrows and eyelashes. It is very good for people who prefer delicate make-up or don’t apply make-up at all. One has to be careful not to apply too much cosmetic- after getting dry white streaks can appear. Finally, the conditioner may finish up on the cheeks, because it crumbles.



Oriflame Beauty, Lash Booster

It better energizes eyelashes than lengthens them, The conditioner is recommended to thin, fragile eyelashes. It doesn’t bring extremely good effects. It is perfect when we want to dress the eyebrows or brush the eyelashes.


Pierre Rene

Pierre Rene, Eyelash conditioner with keratin and panthenol

Keratin energizes eyelashes and panthenol makes them stronger. However, it irritates eyes to such an extent that one has to cleanse eyes after applying the cosmetic. The eyelashes may fall out while applying systematically. However, the great energizing effect is obvious and eyelashes are very flexible after applying the cosmetic. This eyelash conditioner doesn’t lengthen and thicken the eyelashes- alternatively it styles them.