#1 Max Factor

The best solution among mascara brushes- Volume iFX- lengthens and thickens eyelashes. It remains on the eyelashes for the whole day. The brush separates eyelashes very precisely.

Max Factor, Masterpiece MAX

#2 Oriflame

Perfect elongation of the eyelashes. It provides no pellets and it doesn’t crumble. It doesn’t irritate eyes. Fast way of application. It gets dry easily.

Oriflame Beauty, Wonder Lash Mascara

#3 Max Factor

It provides expressive look of the eyelashes very quickly. Double or triple application provides fake eyelashes effect. It’s quite silky- it doesn’t generate pellets.

Max Factor, False Lash Effect Mascara

#4 Max Factor

Polimers contained in the mascara thicken and provide nourishment for the eyelashes. Flexible structure doesn’t crumble. It can remotely connect eyelashes.

Max Factor, 2000 Calorie Dramatic Look

#5 Wibo

Cheap and effective. It can be a pleasant surprise for people who don’t trust cheap cosmetics. An appropriate consistency, enough big brush and satisfactory net result.

Wibo, Extreme Lashes Volume Mascara

#6 Maybelline

Thick brush can untangle eyelashes very well. It thickens and lengthens them. It remains on the eyelashes for long time and doesn’t glue the eyelashes. It is advisable to apply 2 layers of this cosmetic.

Maybelline, Colossal Volum' Express

#7 L'Oreal

Perfectly profiled brush made from artificial fibers can apply the mascara on each eyelash separately. The additional asset of this cosmetic is very deep shade of black.

L`Oreal, Volume Million Lashes Mascara

#8 Bourjois

It provides natural, bold look of the eyelashes. It doesn’t crumble. The brush applies the cosmetic on the eyelashes very effectively.

Bourjois, Volume Glamour

#9 Rimmel

It thickens and lengthens eyelashes up to 80%. Skilful application provides natural look of the eyelashes. It has a good consistency. It easily gets dry in the bottle.

Rimmel, Glam' Eyes Mascara

#10 L'Oreal

From the one side- pwhite mascara base, from the other- mascara. Mascara base energizes eyelashes and helps to get the maximal elongation. The application of this mascara is quite hard.

L`Oreal, Double Extension