#1 MAC

Delicate lipstick with a perfect pigmentation. Intense colours for brave women. Velvety consistency and charming shades.

MAC, Lipstick

#2 L'Oreal

The lipstick and lip gloss in one cosmetic. Beautiful colour and amazing gloss on the lips. The lipstick based on the water what provides moisturizing. It remains on the lips for long time.

L‘Oreal, Rouge Shine Caresse

#3 Manhattan

Creamy lipstick with very intense colours. Natural looking matt cream perfectly absorbs into the lips and causes a slight refraction of the colour. Ideal for you unless you are a lover of glossy lips.

Manhattan, Soft Mat Lipcream

#4 Max Factor

Only two steps towards 8-hour permanent colour on the lips thanks to the Permatone system- firstly apply the lipstick, then strengthen the colour through moisturizing stick. The colour clings to the lips and becomes as flexible as them.

Max Factor, Lipfinity

#5 Maybelline

Moisturizing lipstick with pure colorants and honey. Even a thin layer provides beautiful colour of the lips.

Maybelline, Color Sensational

#6 Oriflame

Pearls contained in the consistency of this lipstick provide 3-D, holographic effect. Extracts from wild rose and vitamin E as well as filters have moisturizing and protecting properties.

Oriflame Beauty, Power Shine

#7 Rimmel

An ideal lipstick for every day. It provides beautiful look of the lips, it doesn’t erase or blur. Creamy consistency has a very good pigmentation.

Rimmel, Lasting Finish Lipstick

#8 Inglot

Full standard lipstick- it pampers, moisturizes and protects skin of the lips. It contains vitamin E and an extract from stone of the peach. Inglot offers a range of 160 colours- both creamy, glittery, glossy and matt.

Inglot, Lipstick

#9 L'Oreal

10 natural shades which can be adjusted to the complexion or hair colour. It provides natural, fresh look. Omega-3 oils protect lips from getting dry.

L'Oreal, Color Riche Made For Me Naturals

#10 Astor

Easy and aesthetic application thanks to butter consistency and practical form of pen with truncated end. It contains an extract from coconut which moisturizes lips very well.

Astor, Soft Sensation Lipcolor Butter

#11 Chanel

The gem in the group of lipsticks. Sateen gloss, delicate consistency and intense colour. In addition, perfect effectiveness and good moisturizing.

Chanel, Rouge Coco Hydrating Creme Lip Colour

#12 Bourjois

Moisturizing and smoothening of the lips. It contains Shea butter, an extract from mango and plant oils. It is easy in application and doesn’t leave an excessive amount of cosmetic on the lips. Silicon micropearls lighten and slightly enlarge the lips.

Bourjois, Docteur Glamour

#13 Essence

Creamy lipstick with moisturizing properties. It’s ideal for daily, light make-up. The disadvantage of it is quite low permanence.

Essence, Lipstick

#14 Bell

It provides sensuous gloss on the lips. It enlarges the lips up to 30%. Gel consistency provides good moisturizing effect. The permanence of the lipstick and lightness of the lip gloss.

Bell, Glam & Sexy, Lipstick- lip gloss

#15 Bell

An intense colour on the lips. It moisturizes, although it rolls on the lips and glues them. The permanence also leaves a lot to be desired. This lipsticks is rather a lip gloss.

Wibo, Moisturizing lipsick