#1 Clinique

Permanent and non-greasy blush. Pressed cosmetic with the range of shades from coralline to red. The blush is packed with elegant package with a mirror.

Clinique, Blushing Blush Powder Blush

#2 Chanel

It can provide light lines or great contour oval of the face. It contains glossy flecks, which brighten the face in a nice way. Long-lasting and cost-effective cosmetic.

Chanel, Joues Contraste

#3 Bourjois

Fragrant, delicate and easy in application. It is multifunctional- can be used both in a dry and wet way.

Bourjois, Pastel Joues

#4 Essence

Delicate, not very pigmented blush which brightens the face. Unfortunately, it isn’t very long-lasting and it is packed in a bulky package.

Essence, Silky Touch Blush

#5 Sephora

So delicate that is should be applied a few times to be visible. Unfortunately, it erases during the day no matter how much do you apply.

Sephora, Blush Me!

#6 Miss Sporty

Cheap and available in 5 colours. Delicate shades remain for long time during the day. Perfectly highlights cheekbones.

Miss Sporty, Oh! Blushed Again...

#7 Inglot

As always, Inglot offers wide range of shades. Delicate blush provides an ideal edging of make-up. It is very easy in application.

Inglot, Blush

#8 Lovely

It is available in nice colours and it looks delicately on the cheeks. However, it is extremely flimsy and it is packed in a bulky package. The additional advantage is a low price.

Lovely, Sunny Blush, Mineral blush

#9 Wibo

Silk and vitamin E provides perfect smooth skin. We can easily adjust shape of the face using this cosmetic.

Wibo, Blush with silk and vitamin E

#10 Vipera

Cashmere provides velvety application on the cheeks. There is a need to correct make-up a few times during a day.

Vipera, Cheek, Blush