#1 Avon

Eyeliners with glossy reflections. Soft, there is no need to sharpen it. The consistency of this cosmetic allows application in only one move.

Avon, Glimmersticks Diamonds Eye Liner

#2 Maybelline

Gel eyeliner characterized by very intense colour. Unfortunately, it doesn’t remain too long on the eyelids. It fades during the day, but it doesn’t smear under the down eyelid.

Maybelline, Eye Studio, Lasting Drama Gel Liner

#3 Eveline

Waterproof and very effective. Even without re-applications it remains on the eyelids for the whole day. It provides very intense black colour on the eyelid. Someone who has a very skilled hand can apply the line in only one move- the brush is quite thick.

Eveline, Beauty Line, Liquid Precision Liner 2000 Procent

#4 Gosh

Waterproof offer from Gosh brand is a soft eyeliner characterized by intense and original shades. The eyeliner is quite big, so it is also very efficient. Although, in order to sharpen it there is a need of using very good sharpener.

Gosh, Velvet Touch, Eyeliner Waterproof

#5 Max Factor

The eyeliner, which may be also applied as an eye-shadow. It is enough soft to not irritate thin skin of the eyelid.

Max Factor, Kohl Pencil Eyline

#6 Pierre Rene

It remains on the eyelid for a few hours. The application is fast and extremely easy. It is soft, but it doesn’t break.

Pierre Rene, Waterproof eyeliner

#7 Pupa

Great range of colours. The eyeliner is also equipped with a sponge which enables to spread a cosmetic and apply it as an eye-shadow.

Pupa, Multiplay Eye Pencil

#8 Rimmel

A creamy eyeliner enables to apply lines in a gentle way. A soft consistency provides a possibility of applying it as an eye-shadow- through gentle spreading it on the eyelid. The colour isn’t as intense as in other eyeliners.

Rimmel, Soft Kohl Kajal Eye Pencil

#9 Inglot

The eyeliner doesn’t provide a plain colour on the eyelid. The consistency of the cosmetic may become too hard after some time.

Inglot, AMC, Eyeliner Gel

#10 Miss Sporty

The eyeliner fades successively during the day. Easy application and low price are the only advantages of this cosmetic.

Miss Sporty, Eye Pencil