#1 ArtDeco

You can complete the range of colours on your own. You can choose among glittery, pearly, iridescent and matt shades. The only thing to do to get a desirable colour is to spread it on the eyelid.

Artdeco, Système Mosaïque, Eyeshadows

#2 Inglot

You can complete the range of colours on your own. The colours have strong and sharp pigments and creamy consistency. A wide range of shades and palettes to keep your favourite colours.

Inglot, Freedom System

#3 MAC

High permanence and original range of colours. Very effective, it doesn’t crumble. The biggest disadvantage is its price.

MAC, Eye Shadow

#4 Bell

Waterproof eye-shadow. Mousse consistency with flecks reflecting the light. Easy in application. It remains on the eyelid for long time.

Bell, Diamond Eyes Mousse

#5 Dior

Elegant range of colours and good pigmentation. Glossy reflections don’t look cheaply at all. Easy to spread.

Christian Dior, 5-Colour Palette

#6 Maybelline

Gel-like and creamy consistency provides long remaining of the cosmetic on the eyelid. The structure allows easy and consistent spreading of an eye-shadow.

Maybelline, Color Tattoo 24Hr

#7 Revlon

It remains on the eyelids up to 12 hours. In the packet there are four velvet shades. Colorstay- the cosmetic doesn’t crumble, roll or fade.

Revlon, ColorStay, 12 Hour Eyeshadow Quad

#8 IsaDora

The possibility of choosing matt or pearly shades. It can be applied in a dry and wet way. The colours are in very good quality, effective and intense.

IsaDora, Eye Shadow Quartet

#9 Bourjois

It can be applied in a dry and wet way. In the packet there is a mirror. Unfortunately, the cosmetic isn’t permanent.

Bourjois, Pastel Lumiere

#10 Avon

The structure of these eye-shadows enables also making eye lines. The package isn’t bulky and the application is very comfortable. The range of 9 lambent colours to choose.

Avon, Precision Glimmer Powder Eyeshadow