#1 Wibo

Silicon make-up base smoothens imperfections. It should be applied after the cream absorbs and before applying fluid. Improve effects provided by fluid. Good mattifying.

Wibo, Primer Base

#2 MAC

An ideal make-up base for people with oily or mixed skin. High sunscreen provides protection against sunlight. It mattifies for long time.

MAC, Prep + Prime, Face Protect SPF 50/ PA++

#3 Dermika

It perfectly smoothen the face thanks to the silicones. It cooperates well with fluids and creams. The make-up remains longer but mattifying effect not necessarily.

Dermika, Collaction, Sateen anti-aging make-up base

#4 Gosh

It permeates mimic wrinkles and pores. It smoothens the skin in a maximal way. It doesn’t mattify the skin for so long as it is supposed to.

Gosh, Velvet Touch, Foundation Primer

#5 Revlon

Smoothening make-up base. It can be applied with make-up or without it. It applies evenly and doesn’t leave marks on the face edges. It has a delicate fragrant.

Revlon, PhotoReady Perfecting Primer

#6 Kobo

The make-up base which extends fluid’s permanence. It doesn’t plug the pores. It has a smoothening effect. It has a cream consistency, so it absorbs into the skin and doesn’t leave marks on its surface.

Kobo Professional, Smooth Make - Up Base

#7 Sephora

Gel make-up base which homogenizes and mattifies the face before applying make-up. Fragrance-free cosmetic. It can cause the fluid application may be harder.

Sephora, Skin Smoothing Makeup Base

#8 Soraya

It prepares face for applying make-up evenly and provides longer remaining of make-up on the skin. It smoothens wrinkles and imperfections.

Soraya, Colour Care, Silicone base for normal and mixed skin

#9 Dax Cosmetics

Light make-up base with a nice fragrant. It causes that make-up remains on the face much longer. Very effective. It provides silky smooth effect.

Dax Cosmetics, Cashmere Secret

#10 Oceanic AA

The make-up base with a delicate, fruity fragrant. It can be non-satisfactory for people with problematic skin. It has a better application as a face cream.

Oceanic, AA Mattyfying effect, Oil-free make-up base